Presented by:
Tyler Hart
ITRT, Henrico County Public Schools

Link to Prezi Presentation:
Augmented Reality in Education: Is it Real?

PDF Scanners for Lunch Rush App and ARFlashcards App:
Lunch Rush with Ruff Ruffman
Alphabet ARFlashcards PDF

Aurasma App Links:
Main Website:
Register to Become a Partner:
The Building Page for Partners:
Aurasma Guidelines PDF:
Aurasma 101 (studio.aurasma How To PDF):

Other Augmented Reality Apps Talked About:
Lip Huggr - Not Educational, but easily shows what AR looks like quickly
Action Movie FX - Make “Action Movies” Take a video, and app will add the FX “augmented reality” overtop of your video.
Plane Finder AR - Airplane Tracking App with paid version, you get flight number, altitude, speed, departure airport, and destination
SkyView - Free AND GoSkyWatch - Both are Space Apps that when used will show where constallations are in the sky, and where the planets, sun, and moon are located in the sky
Board Cam - Board Cam transforms your iOS device in an enhanced document camera or a whiteboard. - Not really AR, but came up in App Search.
Transparent Earth - See “through” the Earth to visualize continents
Dinosaur Park - Play game while learning about dinosaur. Use the “AR” to super impose
ABC CC Math 3rd-8th - Use with Workbook
CypherKids Letters, Numbers, Wild Animals - Get cards at Target - $30/set!!!
Rocks in my Socks Book - Purchase Book to use
ZooBurst - Make Online, Interactive, AR PopUp Books. Use the PDF Code to make book Augmented - $10/month or $50/year.
AR Flashcards - Augment Animals that start with the Letters
Lunch Rush with Ruff Ruffman - Addition and Subtraction App