101 Ways to Use Google Forms in Education

Presented by Marcia Jeans
ITRT and Technology Coach
Prince William County Schools

Session Materials:

Please take this brief survey at http://tinyurl.com/UMWEdTech
Overview presentation
Examples of Google Forms - tons of great examples of how you can utilize Google Forms in Education.

Other Useful Resources:

Sign up for Google account
A Tour of Google Forms Video (updated for newsest version)
Create short URLs - http://tinyurl.com/ or http://goo.gl/
Self Grading Quizzes - Use a free tool called __Flubaroo__ - super easy to do!
Create a QR code that links directly to a Google form __http://qrcode.kaywa.com/__ (Use with iPads/iPhones)
Embed a survey in a blog or webpage - __See example__
New features of Google Forms
Using Google Form with iPads as Exit Tickets for Reading and Math
__79 More Interesting Ways to Use Google Forms__