Alternative Education Online
Terecia Gill, Misty Kelley, Michael Joos, & Kevin Woodcox
MS, A; Intermediate, Advanced

Alternative education students are a diverse group who require an individualized plan for school success. We will share our model school approach students learning in a blended online environment. Upon enrollment, students are assessed to determine their needs and an individualized alternative education experience is created. Students are provided a laptop and are placed in classes with licensed, highly qualified teachers. Conference participants will learn how to provide blended educational accommodations in the virtual environment. Conference participants will also learn how to crate a BRIDGE program to place students on the appropriate graduation track, use online courses and technology to improve student success, and support the whole student through character development, social skills training, and mental health services regardless of the size of the program or school. Learn how to ignite the flame of excellence in at-risk students to be leaders in their own lives.