Evaluating New Tools for Learning

Andy Rothenberger, ITRT Stafford Public Schools
Hands-on Session for All Learners; All Levels

Many online innovations currently emerging are web-based tools that are as robust as locally loaded software. Consider what occurs when a person encounters a new tool. There is a process of exploration, adoption, and adaptation with questions such as: What is this? What does it do? How can I use it for my needs? Come to the computer lab or bring your laptop to this hands-on session to discover, evaluate, and share online tools that can be immediately implemented in classrooms (and they are typically FREE). Participants leave with a protocol to collaboratively evaluate the web’s ‘latest and greatest’ tools.

Session Materials:

  • Links to Educational Online Tool Databases:

Participant Posting Area:

I found a site called... I think it will (or will not) integrate well with... because...

Hi! Im Akilah Ellison from Landstown Middle School in Virginia Beach. I found Thinkfinity wonderful. I typed in "history" and immediately found excellent links that included handouts, background knowledge and lesson plans. It is free and seems to be a website associated with the Museum of American History. This link could be in isolation or in preparation for going to Washington DC. It would intergrate well with the US History SOL Standards because it focuses on Pearl Harbor and the treatment of Japanese Americans.

This is Annmarie Mulholland, an ITRT in Spotsylvania County Schools. I have found a site called 4shared.com and it could fill a need that we are trying to address as our World Language (WL)teachers moving towards portfolio assessments. Our current LMS can not fill this need so the teachers have been trying to figure out how to make flashdrives work for a continuing portfolio for students to follow them year to year in WL classes. All WL teachers are moving to portfolio assessments this upcoming year. Additionally, there are other content areas that teachers are trying to have online portfolios but due to not being able to control permissions on pages, it makes it difficult to use some sites. Depending on the grade level, it could take a block to teach learners to use the tool independently. It would be used each 9 weeks at a minimum.